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About Us


The Saudi Aviation Club (SAC) was established by resolution 217 of The Council of Ministers on 8/9/1421H (4/12/2000G) as an independent nonprofit entity to promote aeronautical sciences and to encourage the participation of the public in aviation.

SAC’s airport is located in Thumama, approximately 60 km north of Riyadh.
The Saudi Aviation Club governs all air sports relating to activities of paragliding, paramotoring, skydiving, and remote control aeromodelling.  SAC promotes general aviation by participating in and encouraging the establishment of flying schools across the Kingdom.
A SAC membership enables participants to enjoy their aeronautical hobbies within the areas pre-allocated to their specific activity. The SAC Membership card also allows members to enroll and participate in local and international competitions.
The Saudi Aviation Club is a member of The Arab Air Sports Federation and The International Air Sports Federation (FAI).​