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About the Sport

According to the FAI, Aeromodeling, also commonly known as Remote Control Aircrafts or R/C Planes,  is defined as the sport of building Model aircraft which are flying or non-flying models of existing or imaginary aircraft, often scaled-down versions of full size planes, using lightweight materials such as polystyrene, balsawood, foam and fibreglass. Designs range from simple glider aircraft, to accurate scale models, some of which can be very large.


The FAI Classifies Aeromodelling into the following disciplines:
F1 - Free Flight
F2 - Control Line
F3 - Radio Control Aerobatics
F3 - Radio Control Soaring
F3 - Radio Control Helicopters
F3 - RC Pylon Racing
F4 - Scale Models
F5 - Electric Flight
F6 - Airsports Promotion
F7 - Aerostats
S - Space Models