According to the FAI and IPC , Freefall Style and Accuracy Landings are the two oldest competitive disciplines in the IPC calendar; and are known colloquially as « the Classics ».

The first World Championships in Accuracy Landings (then simply called Accuracy), were held in Bled, Yugoslavia in 1951.  This was a competition to see who could land closest to the target over a number of competitive rounds.  The competitor who scored the lowest number of points/measurement was the winner.

The essential principle remains, although there have been many changes over the years to the type of parachute used and the recording of the landing and subsequent measurement.

Today, competitors jump in teams of 5, exiting the aircraft at 1000 meters and opening their parachutes sequentially to allow each competitor a clear approach to the target.  Their individual scores count for both the individual competition and for the team competition, the best of 4 is used.  For the team event the maximum number of rounds is 8, with a minimum number of 5 required to qualify for an event. 

In the individual competition, after 8 rounds the top 25% jump a semi-final round, and the top 50% the final round.

Freefall Style was introduced into the competition calendar in 1962, at the World Championships inOrange, USA.

In the early 1980’s, some skydivers began flying their new generation airfoil designed parachutes in formation with each other, often with one skydiver sitting on top of another’s canopy, using the legs or hands to stay attached. This practice quickly became popular with a number of adventurous skydivers, who worked to develop these skills into a recognized competition discipline. The term Canopy Relative Work was used to describe this activity in its beginning and this was shortened to CRW (often pronounced Crew) which is still used by many today, although Canopy Formation is the official term. Today there are 3 events in the Canopy Formation Discipline: 4 way Rotations, 4 way Sequential, and 2 way Sequential.

The FAI and IPC Classify Parachuting into the following disciplines:

Artistic Events

Canopy Formation

Canopy Piloting

Formation Skydiving


Style & Accuracy Landing



Source:  FAI​​