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General SAC Questions
I need to contact the SAC head Office by phone.  What are the opening hours?
You can contact the SAC Head Office on:
+(966 -1) 219-1002 or +(966 -1) 219-1003
From Saturday- Wednesday from 8:30AM – 4:30 PM
Do I need to come in person to apply for a SAC membership?
SAC memberships are now only issued online.  What you’ll need is:
1.      A scan of a passport-size photo (at least 4x4 cm)
2.     A scan of your National ID or Ikama
3.      Go to the membership link and follow the instructions
4.     To complete the process, you will also need to scan a copy of the bank transfer for the membership fees.
Is the membership renewal process also online?
SAC plans to gradually make all its services accessible online.  At the moment, yes, memberships are renewed online by following the link.  You can also apply for customs clearance form online as well.
Who is eligible for a SAC Membership?
Only Saudi Nationals and resident holders of valid Saudi Ikamas are eligible for a SAC membership.
What does a SAC membership entitle its holder?
A SAC membership entitles its holder to:
-        Enter the SAC locations and Thumama Airport
-        To get their aviation equipment through customs
-        Participate in local and international events and championships